"Big School Boogie" at Wesley Family Centre Riverstone

From: Kim Tu'ua, Family & Community Worker, Wesley Family Centre

Wesley Family Centre Riverstone is a not for profit charity operating in the North West of Sydney, the centre provides free support to families living in the local area with children 0-17. This includes Families NSW targeted early intervention programs, youth casework, family support and counselling services.

This term the Families NSW team  was fortunate enough to secure funding to bring the “Big School Boogie” program to the centre. A key aspect of the FNSW Riverstone team service delivery is to support families through the transition to school process.

The Music Connect “Big School Boogie” program provided the perfect opportunity help children prepare for school by focusing on the on the key developmental areas of social and cognitive development; as well as emotional learning; all through the medium of music.

The program successfully engaged 10 families; who over the course of the six weeks have participated in a variety of musical activities which for example aim to promote counting, colour recognition, sharing /turn taking and being in front of a group. Centre staff have observed very positive interactions between the children and the activities; and have noted how much the confidence has grown in many of the children throughout the program. Feedback received from families has also been very positive with many not only seeing the benefits of the program but also appreciating the opportunity to spend quality time with their little one before they head off to school.’

From: Cynthia Cheng, Registered Music Therapist, Musicconnect

Tom (pictured right) loves doing his "homework". During the MusicConnect "Big School Boogie" program we have theme each week including: numbers, alphabet, colours, shapes and animals. Children are asked to bring something according to the week's theme for a quick "show & tell" after Big School Boogie. According to his mum, Tom put in a lot of effort in preparing his masterpiece for each week. Mum reports that Tom is "very ready for school and is going to do very well".