Lifestart Webinar


October 13 was the first webinar from MusicConnect and Lifestart. Read more about Lifestart... In 2014 Lifestart launched Online inclusion - "Oi" offers a structured and informal online support platform for people living with a disability, their families, carers and support teams. Read more about Oi...

Songs For Routines and Daily Living 

This webinar focused on how families can include musical fun into everyday routines and daily living tasks. These times in the day can be full of stress and pressure for grown-ups and children alike. Songs can assist to calm the situation, work to a time frame and structure tasks.    

Within this webinar, I shared a range of ideas and songs with families to assist with daily living tasks (eg brushing teeth time, change time), family play (eg music time, pack away time) and outings (driving time, park play time). Simple, catchy songs were presented - and a link to the MusicConnect YouTube Channel was shared.

Many thanks to Lifestart for hosting MusicConnect for this webinar. Watch this space for further MusicConnect/Lifestart webinars in the future.

Regards, Al Fuller